[wp-hackers] Making it better

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Fri Apr 22 02:59:34 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 22:32 -0400, Phil Hart wrote:
> And I'm going to say something I will probably regret, so please don't take
> offense anyone.  I'm kinda thinking out-loud here.  But, the lady who wrote
> the original article that started this was last 40's.  I'm 27.  Young
> whipper snappers like Matthew and Ryan who do this php stuff in their sleep
> because they look at code all day don't have a problem creating themes.  But
> the average joe blogger doesn't know php, nor css.  The don't care to buy 10
> books from amazon on mastering php and css just to do move around items on
> their blog.

Just a bit of perspective.  Average joe bloggers use prepackaged themes
(usually the default).  Average joe wouldn't know what to do with a
drag-and-drop UI tweaker any more than he would know how to rearrange

That's not to say that we shouldn't endeavor to make templates as easy
as possible, but anyone looking at a template is not an average joe
user.  Anyone posting to the forums is not an average joe user.  Someone
who wants to make each category have a different look is not average
joe.  Average joe didn't even install WordPress himself.

27 years old.  I remember 27.  The youthful idealism hadn't worn
completely off yet.  Things seemed new and exciting when in fact they
were just the same old stuff in new togs.  Things like "tags" made your
eyes sparkle and your extremities tingle.  Ah, yes, 27.  Almost old
enough to know better, but not quite.  ;-)


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