[wp-hackers] Making it better

Andy Skelton skeltoac at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 22 01:37:41 GMT 2005

David, Phil walked in and sat down in the CSS/PHP 101 classroom when he 
>     I'm a user, who wants to develop my own theme.  I do not know php.
The question is: is Phil willing to learn it? Most users aren't. (I love 
learning it.) When we decide what to do to ease the learning curve for 
code-phobes, we must also leave the doors wide open for code-philes to go 
totally nuts with the guts of their themes. It should not become as 'easy' 
as Blogger at the cost of becoming as limited as Blogger.

For now, it would do wonders to help people understand that depth of 
customizability is lost in direct proportion to gains in ease of 
customizability. Translation: you can't make 3-D holograms with an 

Andy Skelton

David wrote:
>Robert - Just to be clear, the first part of your answer made me cringe.  
>It's exactly what people don't want to hear: "Learn some CSS".  That's not 
>to say it isn't (somewhat) true! ;)  Just that it's part of the 'stigma' of 
>WP right now.

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