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Robert - Just to be clear, the first part of your answer made me cringe.  It's exactly what people don't want to hear: "Learn some CSS".  That's not to say it isn't (somewhat) true! ;)  Just that it's part of the 'stigma' of WP right now.

Another example/sample for the codex, or a plugin anyone? ;)

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  Horizontal navbars have nothing to do with PHP. Learn some CSS. Google for horizontal navigation bars in CSS and you'll find a lot.

  There are tons of themes that use horizontal navbar, Blix being a more popular one.

  On 4/21/05, Phil Hart <radial at mindspring.com > wrote:
    I'm a user, who wants to develop my own theme.  I do not know php.  I do 
    know basic HTML and I hope am intelligent enough to place tags in my theme
    from the codex to make something pop up or not.  However, I'll be damned if
    I can figure out how to make a horizontal menu going across the top under 
    the header image.  I could not find any plugins.  I wanted to make a menu
    going across the top with the menu options the categories and pages in my
    blog.  I gave up for now.
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