[wp-hackers] Must be me...

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Wed Apr 20 03:44:01 GMT 2005

Matt Mullenweg wrote:

>A good target for 1.5.1 is May 3rd, which could change, but just please
>stop the berating. It's unproductive and rude, and there are plenty of
>more positive ways to contribute to the community.
Matt, please don't overlook the fact that almost everyone who has
pestered you on this list about 1.5.1 are active, continuous
contributors to the development community if nothing else. All I need is
a date so I can plan development on plugins accordingly (I just cannot
do lots of things until that options page bug is fixed in a release) and
tell users that they can expect to wait until such-and-such a point. As
you're fond of saying, we're all volunteers. We're all putting our
personal time into this. It's just a matter of courtesy to let us know
what to expect.

Nobody knows whether it's 'coming' in 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 7 days, four
months. The only other instinct in the abscene of this information is to
try to speed up whatever needs to get done, and it leads to things like
nitpicking on changesets.

All I ask -- and, may I suggest, at least 90% of other people pestering
you about release dates -- all we ask is for is a timeline, however
shifty, however unsure, so that we have a common reference point. Nobody
will blame anyone if it slides by a few weeks here and there. For
example, just being told that it's scheduled for early May (and not
earlier, or late next month, or something) made things about 100% better
for my planning.

Let's not get distracted by he said she said, the point is that WP needs
a timeline and some acknowledgement from you or rboren that a
roadmap/timeline is an issue that will be tended to will be wonderful.
And it doesn't have to be an extensive thing either, just next-release

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