[wp-hackers] Must be me...

drDave drdave at unknowngenius.com
Tue Apr 19 20:23:32 GMT 2005

On Apr 20, 2005, at 4:56 AM, Matt Mullenweg wrote:

> the rest of the timeline Dave diplomatically chose not to highlight.

I don't think I was in the least implying that huge efforts haven't 
been made in bug-fixing. Quite the opposite actually: I was merely 
wondering aloud why, while the consensus seemed to be on doing a final 
round of bug-fixing over the impressive number of previous bug-fixing 
already done, the timeline suddenly showed an addition that has little 
to do with bug-fixing.

For the record, the main reason I ended up checking that particular 
timeline, was a sudden general falling-apart of the SVN code I was 
running on miscellaneous installs (and I have absolutely no evidence 
that there is a direct link, but there's definitely a chronological 

Adding features to encourage users to upgrade certainly sounds like a 
valid idea to me. And I, for one, want nothing more than an auto-save 
feature built-into WordPress. But why not informing us of this decision 
before, as it seems it went quite directly opposite the direction of 
all that's been said, or let said, over the past few days on the topic 
of 1.5.1 upgrade.

> A good target for 1.5.1 is May 3rd, which could change, but just please
> stop the berating. It's unproductive and rude, and there are plenty of
> more positive ways to contribute to the community.

It was in no way my intent to be rude, while I admit my last comment 
certainly incorporated a certain element of cheekiness to it, I hardly 
consider it on a level worthy of the "berating" label.

Now, if I may say, why wasn't this element of answer formulated before? 
Perhaps it would have been helpful in avoiding any temptation among the 
more feeble minds among us, to veer into that seemingly redundant line 
of questioning, that might be seen as rude or unproductive, under a 
certain angle, I guess...

Dave / デイヴ
drdave at unknowngenius.com

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