[wp-hackers] post_content_filtered

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Wed Apr 20 01:18:58 GMT 2005

denis at semiologic.com wrote:

>I suspect your plugin will introduce more problems than it solves in my case. I
>would need to use the_prerendered_content() instead of the_content() in my
>theme, and assume other plugin users will do the same -- I suspect this is too
>complex for most users.
>Thus, I'd be curious to know if someone has some code available that traverses
>the the_content filter, adds a caching trigger at the end of it, and triggers
>the caching during shutdown. If not, I guess I'm in for another plugin...
If you call the_prerendered_content() on a post with no cached content, 
it will apply the filters right then and cache the content live.  The 
performance is identical to running the filters live, with the 
difference being that subsequent loads would use the cached content, 
which is much faster.  Having to modify the theme is a necessary evil, 
at least the way I saw it.  I've tried plugins that run as a filter on X 
and then try to modify filters on X live, and it really doesn't work so 

- Mark Jaquith

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