[wp-hackers] seperate writable directory

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Sun Apr 17 20:29:27 GMT 2005

Amit Gupta wrote:

> Its a request & a suggestion.
> Why don't we have a directory like wp-write in the WordPress root 
> which can contain all the directories that you need to have write 
> permissions on? Like those required by plugins Staticize, WP-Cache, 
> ImageHeadline, etc. For now they require a directory in wp-contents 
> which should have write permissions. I don't know about you guys but 
> if a directory "abc" needs write permissions in wp-content, I need to 
> give the same to wp-contents as well, or it doesn't work!!
> This just seems like ridiculous!! & I don't want my wp-contents to be 
> writable!! so I have a directory for this purposes where I store all 
> directories that need write permissions  & I've to hack the plugins to 
> follow this new directory structure!!
> It would be good if this thing can be rolled in & followed by all 
> plugin authors who need writable directories in their plugins. Having 
> all the writable directories in a single writable root directory 
> really looks more organised IMHO. :)
> any thoughts?

But that's how it is now... just, that directory is called "wp-content"  
What's wrong with wp-content being writable?
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