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Tue Apr 5 21:10:49 GMT 2005

I know Firas has been working on a theme validation engine of sorts as far 
as the four actions that are in kubrick and the classic theme. Maybe we 
could even get a team of volunteers together and create a theme validation 
service, have a checklist of things theme authors must do to make sure their 
themes are compatible with the default WordPress themes. It'd likely be a 
daunting task with the amount of themes out now, but I know I'd be willing 
to donate part of my time to such a thing.

We could also stick with the automated checker idea, as that would offload 
work from human beings, although it might not be completely accurate all of 
the time, although its error ratio may in the end be lesser than that of 
humans. Thoughts?

On Apr 5, 2005 3:09 PM, Rob Mientjes <robmientjes at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Apr 5, 2005 10:01 PM, Craig Hartel <craig at nuclearmoose.com> wrote:
> > Do you think that if a cooperative project to demonstrate the value of 
> this
> > would be beneficial?
> People have been doing it with forum themes for years now, and it's
> been working great.
> > What if a small group of peeps slammed their heads together to create a
> > framework of some kind? Part of the theme development issue is one of 
> maturity
> > in terms of knowing WP and what it can do.
> Well, maturity and professionality are certainly needed (when it comes
> to Themes and support), and man would that look good, not only for
> outsiders.
> > Is that even doable?
> Get some more fools like me, and then I can tell ya 'yes'.
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