[wp-hackers] IIS Problem

Chris Coggburn chris at coggburn.us
Sat Apr 2 18:34:17 GMT 2005

Robert Deaton wrote:

> No, WP does not have an option to use an alternative to mail(), and
> thus a few weeks back I ran into trouble installing it because I
> purposely left out mail support in PHP. It would be nice if it were
> wrappered in if function exists statements and if not, it tried to use
> an SMTP connection or one of the PEAR classes that does mailing.

Exactly. Most PHP software supports the use of an SMTP server, which
makes things rather handy in the case that you disable mail support in
PHP (like what you did Robert). SMTP support should be included in the
1.5.1 release, it's just one of those things that's just about necessary.


Christopher Coggburn

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