[wp-forums] Commercial support on the WordPress forums?

Jan Dembowski jan at dembowski.net
Fri Dec 28 13:13:32 UTC 2012

Good morning,

This has probably come up before (I'm off this week and haven't had enough
coffee to search...) but give this thread a quick read.


I'm tempted to reply with "Guys? Take it outside and use the support email
for that vendor" and closing the topic but I'm not sure if it's a
commercial support issue or not.

The user wlbryan apparently "bought the unlimited website license, but I
couldn't get Wowslider to work with WordPress." and took to the support
forum for help. The plugin author WOWSlider.com has been trying to get the
user working but the user has been fairly impatient.

I was going to reply along the lines of "Please be nice to the plugin
author, they are providing support for free and on their own time" when I
realized wlbryan was their customer.

(BTW I've put wlbryan in the timeout room because of his snark. I'll keep
an eye on him but he's really not helping himself with that attitude.)

Given that we routinely tell people that commercial code is not supported
here, why is WOWsliders.com using the forums like this? Is that really
permitted or even a good idea?

If it were for a theme I'd point the user to the theme vendor's support
page but that doesn't seem to be an option here exactly as the page points
to an email address.


Thanks and going to have more coffee,

Jan Dembowski

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