[wp-forums] Who is Gisha James?

Joni Mueller joni at jonimueller.com
Wed Jun 30 23:54:21 UTC 2010

Unwelcome and unsolicited contact of one forum member by another is tantamount to spam, isn't it?  I assume that forum members are free to contact one another at will if they have made a determination between themselves to do so, right?

It's the "unwelcome" or "unsolicited" contact that you are seeking to put a stop to, correct?  

What you have proposed below sounds great, James.  I just cannot believe the lengths (depths?) to which some people will go.

Joni Mueller
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James Huff [macmanx at gmail.com]
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I'm going to work on the email tonight, but it would be nice if I could include some sort of potential disciplinary action as well.

Since publicly singling her out would probably not be seen well by the community, and banning her with a "we ban bad people" topic probably won't work, how about a closed and sticky "WordPress Consultant Blacklist"?

I have seen a few communities which employ such a thing, and it offers some incentive to follow the rules within the communities that these individuals "prey" on.  I see no reason why this couldn't be a joint venture with the WP-Pro list too.

The basic format of such a topic (which would be closed and sticky, btw) would include a brief bit on what we consider to be "ethical practices," followed by the list of unethical consults, followed by instructions to forward email proof of unethical consultants to the WP-Forums list immediately.

Let me know what you guys think.  If you like it, I'll whip up a draft and send it to the list tonight.

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