[wp-forums] Comment about [sticky] Posts requests for theme decoding in here

Chris Olbekson chris at c3mdigital.com
Fri Jun 25 21:36:08 UTC 2010

> I agree with Otto that providing support to the community specifically
> to prevent the continued use of unsafe themes is a vital service. I also
> agree that turning an unsafe pirated theme into a safe pirated theme
> means we are promoting the use of pirated themes, which we don't want to
> do -- Jane Wells
WordPress's responsibility is to protect it's users so it seems
the consensus  is to continue providing the service.  What is
the possibility of asking them to provide:
1. The name of the theme

If the theme origin is unknown decode and move one.
If the theme is a copy of a WP repository theme, decode it then provide link
to download the real version.
If the theme is a pirated theme,  inform them that WordPress does not
promote the use of pirated themes and do not decode.  Send them a link to
the theme authors website.  In the original closed thread:
*kevinbanet *replies
to a request with  "3rd File: That's a nulled script! I'll not decode that."
 Couldn't a pirated premium theme also be considered a "nulled script"?
I know it will be impossible to know the terms of every theme but the common
ones will be known.  And also it is real easy to find the source of all this
garbage from the links in the decrypted code.  What about a policy to redact
the links in the decrypted code by replacing them with <--spam link removed
--> then we are not promoting links back to the pirate sites.
Just my .02

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