[wp-forums] Need Some Backup

mrmist listswptesters at mist.org.uk
Mon Jun 21 09:22:51 UTC 2010

In message <A6C254B1-ACE3-447E-BA15-92CF7087EAB7 at gmail.com>, James Huff 
<macmanx at gmail.com> writes
>::sigh:: Yes, I'm an idiot.  Yes, I responded to something that I 
>should have left alone (but I though I was helping).  Yes, I continued 
>to respond when I should have just shut up.

Probably best to stop responding now then.. At the moment I think he's 
unlikely to listen reasonably unless there's a solution provided.

I suspect this is not as big a problem as is being made out.

There's already a forum topic on it, so best to stick to that, I think, 
though if folk do want to "take it outside" I guess that's up to them. 


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