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Thu Jun 3 18:44:32 UTC 2010

on 03/06/2010 18:35 Jane Wells said the following:

> I'm more interested in finding out who/why it was deleted so we 
> can figure out if we need to readdress the guidelines on that. We're 
> being accused of censorship, and I don't see anything delete-worthy in 
> that post, so I'm mainly just looking for information. I didn't want to 
> undelete it just in case there's a guideline you guys work with that I'm 
> ignorant of, so that I wouldn't be stepping on toes.

That post was from 3 weeks ago. I do find myself wondering (cynical 
creature that I am) why the poster didn't simply post a question in the 
Miscellaneous forum as soon as he realised that his original topic had 
vanished. If it was a mistake, it could have been re-instated within 
minutes/hours instead of accusations of censorship being bandied about 
weeks later.

But, hey, maybe that's just me...

Mel / esmi
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