[wp-edu] Automate Site Creation Process

Laurie Miles lmiles at unca.edu
Fri Jul 14 13:15:41 UTC 2017

We are running a WordPress multisite and would like to automate the
creation of sites. Our goal is to limit who can create a site while still
allowing the user to connect to the wp-signup.php form for automated site
registration. We've configured our system so that users who have a
university email address will be able to log into the system, and once
logged in, create sites. However, our campus policy limits who on the
campus can get a WordPress site in our network.

Has anyone set up this type of system, and do you have any suggestions for
how we can make it work? I am trying the WPMU DEV Pro Sites plugin, but
it's not really intended for this purpose and I'm worried it may cause
unwanted anomalies.

I appreciate any advice you can offer. FYI - I'm new at coding and our
budget is tight!

Thank you.
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