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@Timothy, I used to use wp-cli on a previous server that had no control
panel and did not want to use the automatic upgrade in the backend. Never
had any problems with it and it accomplished what I needed at the time.

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 9:02 AM, Covello, Steve
<Steve.Covello at granite.edu>wrote:

>  My skills may not be on-pr with what you are asking, but I have
> generally behaved conservatively about making certain updates (themes,
> plugins, core…) until I have tested them out in one form or another. I had
> some major problems with the NextGen Gallery major 2.0 update and had to
> revert back to 1.9, for example.
>  So if your plan involves tying into updates in a way that manages these
> tasks automatically, then you may run into trouble.
>  I apologize if I am misstating what I think your proposed configuration
> is intended to do, but just in case it does involved automating update
> processes, this is a word from the trenches.
>  Thx – Steve
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> Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 8:50 AM
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> Subject: [wp-edu] Managing the WordPress System
>   Hi. I am a bit new to this list but am writing to discuss methods of
> maintaining the system including its themes and plugins.
>  We currently have everything (core, plugins, themes and local solutions)
> installed in one subversion repository of our own. However, upon
> discovering that Wordpress maintains its code in subversion, I have been
> considering rebuilding our system using the WP Subversion repos and using
> svn:externals to manage plugins and themes. reference:
> http://scott.yang.id.au/2006/04/svnexternal-wordpress-plugins/
>  The one problem I have seen in this model is that (so far) when I switch
> WP versions, the WP svn externals file in wp-contents/plugins (which
> references Akismet) conflicts with my externals file and it is difficult to
> manage that conflict. It generally seems like a great way to go but it is a
> lot of work to rebuild the whole system in this way.
> Along the lines of ongoing maintenance, there is the question of whether
> to use JetPack or not and I also just discovered a neat wordpress
> command-line interface app at http://wp-cli.org/ and wonder if anyone out
> there has been using it.
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