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My skills may not be on-pr with what you are asking, but I have generally behaved conservatively about making certain updates (themes, plugins, core…) until I have tested them out in one form or another. I had some major problems with the NextGen Gallery major 2.0 update and had to revert back to 1.9, for example.

So if your plan involves tying into updates in a way that manages these tasks automatically, then you may run into trouble.

I apologize if I am misstating what I think your proposed configuration is intended to do, but just in case it does involved automating update processes, this is a word from the trenches.

Thx – Steve

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Hi. I am a bit new to this list but am writing to discuss methods of maintaining the system including its themes and plugins.

We currently have everything (core, plugins, themes and local solutions) installed in one subversion repository of our own. However, upon discovering that Wordpress maintains its code in subversion, I have been considering rebuilding our system using the WP Subversion repos and using svn:externals to manage plugins and themes. reference: http://scott.yang.id.au/2006/04/svnexternal-wordpress-plugins/

The one problem I have seen in this model is that (so far) when I switch WP versions, the WP svn externals file in wp-contents/plugins (which references Akismet) conflicts with my externals file and it is difficult to manage that conflict. It generally seems like a great way to go but it is a lot of work to rebuild the whole system in this way.

Along the lines of ongoing maintenance, there is the question of whether to use JetPack or not and I also just discovered a neat wordpress command-line interface app at http://wp-cli.org/ and wonder if anyone out there has been using it.

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