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Covello, Steve Steve.Covello at granite.edu
Thu Dec 5 18:00:43 UTC 2013

I'd start with Gravity Forms and explore their add-ons, and then use a
different plugin for managing logon access. The automated responses can be
pre-programmed in Gravity Forms.

Thx - Steve

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On 12/5/13 12:44 PM, "Jim Vogel" <james.vogel at em.wisc.edu> wrote:

>I'm working with the WACRAO orgainzation (Registrars and Admissions
>Officers) on a new website,
>We are looking for a membership plugin that does the following:
>- input institutions (universities and colleges in the Wisconsin/midwest
>- add contact details for that institution, especially email address, but
>also name/address/phone/etc
>- have a signup form where a person
>- - can enter their logon details, and then select one of the
>institutions from the list above
>- - allow the login details to be entered manually, and let the user
>select a username and password
>- - allow the user to log in via social media (FB/Twitter/Linkin/etc)
>- - not allow the person to log in till their application has been
>approved by the contact at the institution
>- - automatically generate an email to the institution contact that
>someone had requested an account on WACRAO for their institution
>- - allow the institution contact to approve/dis-approve the persons
>application. Ideally, this would be by replying to the email, but logging
>into the site and approving there would also be ok. As long as the
>workflow was simple and easy to understand.
>- - have a limit on the number of people an institution can accept.
>I'm having problems finding a plugin that does most of that.
>Most membership plugins seem to be for generating income for the website,
>which is not what we are interested in.
>Any suggestions on a plug-in that might provide that functionality?
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