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Jay Collier jay.collier at thecompass.com
Fri Jul 20 19:36:10 UTC 2012


For several years, I've been maintaining a CMS features comparison for WordPress and Drupal. (It's been very helpful when I'm asked to recommend the best CMS to match a school's needs. For some time now, it's been WP, but this comparison helps me dig into the criteria and continue to make the best recommendation.) 

The document is public, and there are 6 sheets focusing on Software, Production, Publishing, Collaboration, Events, and Forms:


I'm currently in the midst of my annual update. However, although I have current WP experience, I have not worked deeply with Drupal 7 yet. If you or a colleague have been using Drupal 7 in production for a school, college, or university, would you be willing to take a look at the comparison sheets and add your knowledge about the features that are supported in core and modules? This will work on the honor system, and I'll keep an eye on revisions and annotations if there is disagreement.

Also, the lists of colleges and universities using WordPress and Drupal are here; I hope you'll update your own school's entry:

	WordPress: <http://bit.ly/IMh151>
	Drupal: <http://bit.ly/eMz36b>

Thanks, in advance, for taking the time.

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