[wp-edu] Blueprint for using WP as LMS?

Kathy Fatheree kfatheree at securelogix.com
Tue Sep 27 14:45:21 UTC 2011


I'm new to the list and having a little bit of trouble finding information.

I would love to talk to someone to see what all I need in order to use WordPress as a LMS. I'd like to learn what plugins to use and what I need to pay for vs. free options. I am a technical writer and not a programmer so the easier things are the better! My company doesn't have the budget for a paid LMS, and the programmers are too busy to help me with Moodle.

I will probably be using Captivate to generate the content. We need:

*         Unique Login for students

*         Paid lessons

*         Free lessons

*         Tests with automatic grading (%, pass/fail) across multiple modules (ex: 1 course can have 8 modules)

*         Way to store student test results

*         Way to automatically issue certification document

*         Bulk email capability to all student

*         Feedback form/survey

Can someone help me with my research?

Thanks in advance,
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