[wp-edu] Taxonomy Cleanup and Related Posts

Jay Collier jay.collier at thecompass.com
Wed Nov 2 16:16:26 UTC 2011

I am submitting this on behalf of Harvard's Allie Ai who reports her messages to this list are being bounced. 


Hi there,
We need to clean up the existing tags that have been entered with minor text variations. We have quite some tags due to this problem and would like to find a plugin that allows tag merge, update and removal across multiple posts.  Has anybody done this and what plugins to use? Has anybody used these: 

“Term Management Tools” 

“Simple Tags” 

Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!
We are also looking for a plugin that allows us to display links to other posts that on the same or similar topics. Obviously, we need to control the number of links displayed and the styles. I understand that there can be performance issues when using such plugins, so I would appreciate your suggestions and experiences.  Has anyone tried the following plugins and which one is the best? Or have you used any other plugins that work really well?

Efficient Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts

We are moving to WP3.2.1. and not using WPMU yet.  
Thanks again!


Allie Ai
Web Specialist
Learning Technologies Center
Harvard Graduate School of Education

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