[wp-edu] Plugin AMP help

Laverty, Patrick Patrick_Laverty at brown.edu
Thu Feb 18 20:02:08 UTC 2010

Having some trouble with the Anarchos Media Player (AMP) plugin.  It
seems like a pretty straightforward plugin, unzip into my mu-plugins
directory and then activate.  Ok, problem there.  I'm looking in my Site
Admin, and there's no reference to anything that looks like AMP.
However, I do get the yellow A button on my editor when I create a new
post.  But when I click on the A button, I get nothing.  I ran firebug,
and the error that I get is "edInsertVideoSite is not defined"


Anyone heard of this?  I'm not finding much with google and the AMP's
own forums seem to be taken over by pharmaspam.  That's not very


Or if you use a different but similar plugin from AMP, what is it?





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