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>  I am using WPMU 2.8.6 on my own server.
> First, is there a plugin for this?
> Anyone know if there's a plugin for this? Or an easy setting? When users
> currently log in to my system, they get the "Your Profile" page. Instead, I
> want them to get to the /wp-admin/index.php?page=myblogs view.

This plugin *might* help:


Not sure if it can do what you want or if it even works with mu.


That is possibly a better solution if you have the knowledge to create your
own plugin and put in the business rules regarding the redirect (if the user
is just a subscriber and doesn't have any blogs then the myblogs view
probably isn't suitable and the default profile page might be ok?).

> Second, how do I create blogs without using the dashboard?
> Shouldn't this work? I have my own php script where I am trying to create a
> blog using the wpmu_create_blog function. I use:
> ...
> It is true that add_action() is not defined in this file, but it is defined
> in plugin.php. I see the doc for add_action, but am I supposed to link up
> wpmu_create_blog with add_action? Is that how this is supposed to work?
What files are you including above the call to wpmu_create_blog?

If you only included the file that that function is within then the
add_action function within another file won't be included. Instead you
should probably include the wp-load.php file in the root wordpress folder.

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