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Jeff VanDrimmelen jeffvand at unc.edu
Mon Aug 23 15:19:38 UTC 2010

Hi all!,

I am new to this listserv and look forward to learning from y'all.  I run
the UNC-CH Wordpress MU instance at http://web.unc.edu.

Our site is new and only has around 350 sites so far, but we are growing
fast and I am finding I need a good way to see what sites are being updated,
and what ones are not so I can contact, and disable old sites as they go
stale.  We, probably like many of you, have many sites that are just created
and abandoned.

I would also like to be able to easily see which sites are using certain
themes / plugins / etc. and email them.

Anyone developed, or know of something like this?  If not, would you be
interested in working on something like this with me?



Jeff VanDrimmelen
UNC Digital Commons Webmaster

Office of Arts & Sciences Information Services (OASIS)

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