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Awesome list, and it was very useful for the upgrade to 3.0 that UMW Blogs
just underwent.  Here is my post sharing the play-by-play,


And hope you don;t mind that I republished your email there because I found
it a key ingredient to how smooth everything went.


On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 2:18 PM, Ken Newquist <newquisk at lafayette.edu>wrote:

> Everyone,
> Back in June there was some talk about WordPress 3.0 and its compatibility
> (or lack there of) with popular plugins and themes. We've recently upgraded
> our production instances of WordPress to 3.0, and I thought I'd give a
> rundown of the the problems we encountered.
> ==More Privacy Options==
> The plugin continues to work, but it generates a PHP fatal error when you
> edit a site's properties as an admin, making it impossible to save
> configuration changes. The latest version of the plugin fixes this problem.
> ==nextGen Gallery: Ignoring MultiSite directory options==
> nextGen  Gallery has issues with WordPress 3.0 multisite. While existing
> installations are working ok, folks who add the plugin after the upgrade get
> this error message:
> “Directory wp-content/gallery/ didn’t exist. Please create first the main
> gallery folder !”
> The problem is that Blog Directory Path, which is a network-wide option set
> under the super admin menu, is no longer being respected at the per site
> level by nextGen. If you manually set the site’s directory path using the
> site’s ID (available from the main site directory list in the super admin
> view), then things work properly, but the default setting is now incorrect.
> The plugin author is aware of the problem, and is working on this and other
> MultiSite-specific  issues for the next release.
> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/412008?replies=7
> http://code.google.com/p/nextgen-gallery/issues/detail?id=286
> ==nextGen Gallery: Slideshow links don't work on a static home page==
> If you insert a nextGen Gallery into a page, and then make that page your
> home page, the link to the slideshow will not work.
> ==Anarchy Media Player==
> Anarchy's settings page no longer loads under WordPress 3.0.
> ==Mandigo (theme)==
> The Mandigo setting page doesn't load if you're using Mandigo 1.40.1. It
> works properly with the current version.
> ==Mandigo + nextGen + WordPress 3.0==
> Here's a very specific bug -- Mandigo uses an older version of JQuery in
> its theme, one that doesn't include a particular method that nextGen needs.
> This causes a fatal error in NextGen, which then causes the JavaScript
> portions of the Mandigo theme to stop working.
> Ken
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