[wp-edu] GSoC 2010, BuddyPress for teaching (Damon Cook)

Damon Cook damon.cook at esc.edu
Thu Apr 8 12:45:24 UTC 2010

Please sign me up for bug-testing.  I love this idea and hope, wish, pray
for a robust BP LMS plugin.  Our school currently uses ANGEL (recently
merged with Blackboard), and we're evaluating next steps, or as our
committee is called: "Life after ANGEL".  I got excited when I first saw
CourseWare for WP, but after installing quickly realized it was not what I
needed.  I'm going to try and get back to this list and read through all of
the threads, because I'm sure I'm missing the larger context of this
proposal, and will be glad to provide more input.

One idea...it would be awesome if you could somehow include a BP/LMS to
Google Wave extension?  I know this is all the hype in higher-ed ;)
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