[wp-edu] GSoC 2010, BuddyPress for teaching

Stas Sușcov stas at nerd.ro
Tue Apr 6 17:30:29 UTC 2010

În data de Ma, 06-04-2010 la 12:01 -0500, Christopher a scris:
> I've been making good progress on my Buddypress - optional - LMS plugin 
> system and got my course info, syllabus, course sign up, and student 
> management system working (only took two days!) and getting ready to 
> start on a system for showing tasks in currently enrolled courses which 
> I'd send to students by e-mail once a week and show when they go to a 
> certain page when logged in.
> I'd like to know what information and classification you'd find useful 
> if I am able to later get these plugins ready to share in the next few 
> months because honestly once it is all complete and working, I doubt 
> I'll add any new fields or options.  It will all be clean up and details 
> from then on.

I can see your installation is pretty handcrafted for your personal
needs and its pretty cool to see you managed that. The main thing I'm
afraid of is that I'm from a different country and I'm almost 100% sure
the things are different over here compared to other countries, so if I
start some coding I will find very useful experience you already have in
both managing online courses/datas and tools for interacting with
students (gradebook, assignments and schedules).

For me, so far, is pretty clear the workflow and management of
informations using ScholarPress, but I believe there's space for
improvements (like already mentioned separation of courses from
schedules) and thats where your input will matter a lot.

Also I would like to see your code published and understand approaches
you used, lets say, for tasks/assignments.

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