[wp-edu] GSoC 2010, BuddyPress for teaching

Skip Knox sknox at boisestate.edu
Sun Apr 4 16:35:24 UTC 2010

FWIW, Christopher, I don't need a feedback system in a gradebook. I don't
actually use a gradebook, as I never have all that many assignments. In my
upper division courses, just the single term paper. In my lower division,
three essays. A gradebook is overkill, and comments of course go directly
into the paper or essay (which come to me as attachments). Another example,
I guess, of diversity of method among teachers and across disciplines.

I do, however, give "progress reports", which are really just feedback on
how they are doing in discussion. I only do that twice, so again I don't
need a gradebook, but if I were giving grades weekly, then perhaps there. At
the very least, an easy way to quote would be helpful, or maybe links back
to the post that I'm commenting on. This is just standard scholarly dialog
stuff -- cite your sources. In this case, the sources are the students'

I again agree with Joe. Grades without comments are not of much help to the
student, they only benefit the administrator.

Skip Knox
Boise State University
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