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Alex Hempton-Smith hempsworth at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 17 00:13:16 UTC 2009

Hi all,

We are building an online social network and learning environment for young
people based all around the world. The core site runs off WordPress MU and
BuddyPress, and we are looking at how we can offer an e-learning suite
alongside the social element (with course achievements etc showing up on
users activity feeds...)

For course resources we would like to innovate this slightly by allowing
users to submit content to the 'knowledgebase', which can be tagged
according to the content it relates to: articles, videos, audio, quotes,
links, images, can all be uploaded by users. Content which is deemed good
enough quality that it contrubites towards revision/learning for a course
would be tagged by teachers with the course name/id. I envisioned having
each of these items as a WordPress post in a special blog, which would have
a custom theme to allow people to create content from the front-end

We then need some kind of course management tool, like Moodle, which would
allow us to record data on students, grades, courses etc. Any ideas whether
this could be created within WP/BP/bbress some how? I'm keen to keep it as
in-house as possible, because of integrations etc. The wordpress.org plugins
repo is built off bbPress, so it certainly is a powerful platform...

What I'm asking is; what's your thoughts on using WP for the applications
I've described, and how would you possibly use WP for a e-learning, course
management etc facility?

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