[wp-edu] Feed problem--new server

Velda velda at novapages.com
Tue Jan 13 02:25:56 GMT 2009

For what it's worth, I tried looking at the feed here


and got a 404 :-/


Joseph Ugoretz wrote:
> This seems like a tough one, at least to my limited skills.
> We've recently moved to a new server, and got everything working right, but one strange problem with the feedwordpress plugin.
> We've got about a dozen students blogging while studying abroad, and I'd like to aggregate their posts into one "Away and Abroad" blog, and it seemed like feedwordpress would be a good way to do this.
> But for some reason, whenever I enter one of their feed URI's in the syndicate box I get "Error: I couldn't find any feeds at http://macaulay.cuny.edu/catalves/wp-rss2.php [HTTP request error: ]. Try another URL"  (that's a real url, as an example).  This happens whether I use http://blogURL/name/feed, or /wp-rss2.php or /wp-atom.php or /wp-rss.php no difference.
> The feeds validate fine, bloglines and other aggregators can use them, even other wpmu installations can use them.
> And the feedwordpress plugin on my own wpmu installation works perfectly for any feed that is *not* in my domain.  I can even take those same feeds and run them through Yahoo Pipes to create a new feed (with exactly the same content) and if I use that rss url, there's no issue--works fine.
> I'm not running in php safe mode.  File permissions all seem to be fine. I don't see any obvious issues in the Apache error log.
> Anyone have any other ideas for troubleshooting?  I'm thinking there must somewhere be a setting in the new server that is preventing http requests to these feeds in the same domain (same directory, in fact)? But how could that be and where would I find it to turn it off?
> Any suggestions very welcome--I can go ahead and just use the Yahoo Pipes workaround, but it seems so klugey!
> Thanks!
> Joe
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