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Sandra Norton sleenmg at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 07:02:16 GMT 2009


Just found this list and I hope that what I want to do fits the purpose of
the list somewhat. From looking through the archives, I'm hoping I'm not off

I presently have an online sewing school using Moodle and although the
software is great it doesn't lend itself as well to a commercial
environment. in addition, my instructors are not always real computer savvy
so it makes it difficult for them to wade thru the complexity of it.  Plus
so much of it is overkill for my use.  (Don't need grading e, LMS etc.) I
needed a frontend (for the commercial aspect) which i tried Joomla but the
integraton was just too cumbersome.

So I've decide to use WorPress because it's easier to use for all. It will
be a pay per course or group of courses with a variety of instructors.  Lots
of videos, forums for each course, photo galleries etc. And of course there
will be a fabric store, book stores etc., at the front end. And so I have
lots to do with getting ready for the move of the school.

I'm looking at membershp plugins, PayPal plugins, course plugs and many
other plugins. I'm testing many of them now.

Is anyone out there trying or have a online school that charges per course
and has a curriculum? Or something similar?

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