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Gerry Paille gpaille at prn.bc.ca
Tue Nov 25 17:15:53 GMT 2008

Many school districts, including the provincial learning network in  
British Columbia which hosts all school connections, subscribe to a  
blocking/filtering service called Websense. I have been told that  
there is a checkbox in their software that enables the "block social  
sites" option. It's as easy as that to block access. Websense is even  
smart enough to allow access to Flickr, but to filter for  
objectionable content.

The discussion as to whether or not to throw the switch has come up  
several times in BC - so far so good. Individual districts can request  
that certain sites be blocked or unblocked as well.

I just came across a related issue the other day - using my iphone an  
google reader, then clicking on the "see original" link in google  
reader results in the red screen of death. Websense thinks I am trying  
to bypass their proxy.



On 23-Nov-08, at 7:41 PM, Jane Wells wrote:

>> the pedominant
>> approach to technology which is characterized by fear is in effect
>> de-skilling students and futhering the gap between haves and have
>> nots:

Gerry Paille  (gpaille at prn.bc.ca)
School District #60 Peace River North
Fort St. John, British Columbia

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