[wp-edu] Firewalls and WordPress

Thomas W. Woodward twwoodward at henrico.k12.va.us
Tue Nov 25 13:02:30 GMT 2008

In K12, I can tell you that the fear in many cases is simply that  
students may "communicate" outside of the allowed methods.  That's the  
basic fear- communication, not bad information or anything else.  It's  
just a simple fear that students will communicate.

Our county blocked the word blog in URLs for quite a long time despite  
anything I could say.  We've loosened up a little (after years of  
arguments) but there are still blocks on all the major blogging sites,  
twitter, flickr etc. etc.

K12 (as a whole) fears and mistrusts its own students.  That's a  
fundamental issue that has to be addressed but seems to be completely  

Tom Woodward
HCPS Staff Development

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