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Not to be a stick in the mud, but this conversation has been going on
throughout the education/edtech blogosphere for a while. And WordPress
is usually just a touchstone. Is this list intended to be a space for
warehousing that information and the re-packaging it to push WordPress
as a product rather than a process for thinking through the
implications of the new state of publishing for education?

I mean wordpres is great and all, and many have used it to some great
advantage, but it seems like you are suggesting we participate in the
creation of an Automattic brochure devoid of the personal relations
that foster the community that has made WordPress what it is. All of
which kind of seems strange to me. The conversation is in progress,
why not follow and join it where it is happening if you are th
education evangelist for WordPress. That seem more relevant that
creating a pdf for a mass mailer?

I don't know, just seems that once we formalize the discussion around
WordPress as product too much, the joy of thinking through
possibilities kind of evaporates.


On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:15 PM, Douglas Hanna <doug at automattic.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Thanks for coming up with such great discussions and contributing so
> much to this list. As part of my role helping with WordPress for
> Education, I'm creating an "Implementation Guide" that we will make
> available to educators and administrators. The idea is to have a nice
> downloadable/printable PDF that will explain WordPress, why it's good
> for education, and how to make it happen.
> Here is the tentative (and still incomplete outline) for what we're
> going to include:
> Welcome to WordPress for Education
> Table of Contents
> What is WordPress?
> Who uses WordPress?
> Cost
> WordPress for Education Overview
> How WordPress Can Be Used at Your School
> WordPress on the Campus
> WordPress in the Classroom
> Getting Stated With WordPress
> Where to Get Additional Information
> I'd really love to hear your ideas and suggestions. You are the people
> who have tried to convince administrators (hopefully successfully!)
> that WordPress is the way to go and is a great option and then tried
> to make it all happen. What would have been helpful to you initially?
> (Keep in mind your suggestions don't have to fit within the confines
> on this document. We're also going to have a web site at
> edu.wordpress.com (under construction) that will have additional
> information.)
> Thanks so much.
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