[wp-edu] Implementing Wordpress in Universities

Douglas Hanna doug at automattic.com
Sun Nov 9 00:01:09 GMT 2008


Michael communicated what my thought was: most blogs aren't setup with
the intention of serving as a complex record keeping program. They are
excellent for publishing information that needs to be published (and
thus wouldn't be sensitive information) and for communicating and
collaborating, but in general, they aren't setup for record management
and keeping.

As far as privacy goes, there are a number of plugins and settings
that can be implemented for additional privacy. At WordPress.com, we
allow users to restrict their blog to only certain users or to just
prevent search engines from viewing it (keeping the traffic more
targeted at the people who know the blog is there). Private blogs
don't work with RSS and the several of plugins available for
self-hosted installations have configurable RSS settings.

With regular backups and the versioning system built into WordPress,
your data is certainly safe if it is cared for and kept track of.
Backups are always a good idea and having a backup system and a
process for regular updates in place would probably almost certianly
in a very safe and a very reliable WordPress installation.

Hopefully that answers your question and addresses some of your concern.

Douglas Hanna
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