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Douglas Hanna doug at automattic.com
Thu Nov 6 05:46:00 GMT 2008

I think another example is Automattic itself. We offer a free service
using free software and make money through optional upgrades, special
hosting arrangements with our VIPs, and service contracts. We've built
a large business with real live employees around the model and it has
been very successful.

People that are "unaware" attach a negative stigma to free software.
There are free solutions out there that are just as good, and in many
cases, better, than any paid solution. There are lots of people and
companies making their livings using and/or supporting WordPress -- it
is definitely a mainstream product with a lot of mainstream users (as
demonstrated in our showcase).

What can we do to help convince these schools that WordPress is a
viable solution, even though it is free and open source?

Great discussion.

Douglas Hanna
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