[wp-edu] Wordpress vs Wordpress MU for a school website?

Velda velda at novapages.com
Wed Nov 5 21:30:32 GMT 2008

Thank you both.  I'll go for it :-)


Brian Layman wrote:
> Note that it can get a little complicated if you are using completely
> differint urls for each and every site. (sitea.com siteb.com sitec.com
> etc...)  However if you are running things out of the same domains like
> http://****.hardknocks.edu or http://www.hardknocks.edu/**** then WPMU is a
> very good option for you.
Douglas Hanna wrote:
> Velda,
> Welcome to the list!
> As D'Arcy pointed out, WordPress MU doesn't have to be used for
> hundreds of thousands of blogs, but definitely has the potential to do
> so (we use it with WordPress.com). It gives you extra control and
> takes a lot of the work out of managing a series of blogs. It would
> work very well for what you're describing and shouldn't present any
> significant technical challenges.
> Several departments using one blog is not that complicated. A
> different theme could be used for each department and it would still
> be much less complicated than managing 10 or 15 different blogs.

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