[wp-docs] Privacy versus Password Protection

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Thu Aug 20 18:33:47 UTC 2009

In message <fded39850908200933x9a5389dye1cf48a77dda96b9 at mail.gmail.com>, 
Lorelle on WordPress <lorelleonwordpress at gmail.com> writes
>Just heard from a WordPress user who is totally frustrated that a post
>she thought was protected from public eye wasn't. She is totally
>confused about the issues of "private" and "password protected" and
>how they work. I realized that we don't have a Codex article on this
>that addresses how these things work clearly.

Very true.  Writing_Posts glances on the subject as it does mention the 
idea of private and password protected, though doesn't expand on it.  I 
guess the definitions within that page could be hyperlinked to distinct 
articles on both topics.

Sorry don't have time to write the new articles just now.  What with a 
new baby and everything else going on, I barely have time to remove all 
the spam.  There was a massive glut of revision spam last night :(

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