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Carreg carreg at carregs-blog.co.uk
Fri Aug 14 10:54:02 UTC 2009

I guessed the page was outdated given it mentions MU 1.0 as the 
milestone!  When I talked about moving the content I meant moving and 
refreshing it :)

Having thought about it for a while I reckon that for now, while there 
are still two different tracs in use (and given it talks about the 
forums too), it makes sense to have a cleaned up, re-organised version 
of that bug reporting information on its own page.

Out of interest, do we have a time scale for the merge (sorry, I'm not 
all that up on the latest merge news -- I'm not even sure if it's tabled 
for 2.9 or 3.0)?  If it's likely to be really soon then spending too 
much time on pages which will be redundant afterwards is a bit 
pointless.  If it's going to be slightly longer then of course it's all 


Andrea wrote:
> Actually, that page is pretty outdated.
> I'm not even sure if it's mentioned when an install fails anymore.
> How to force a re-install is still good relevant advice.
> After the merge, they will have the same trac, and the same bug 
> reporting system.
> Aha, I just checked - that link is shown when you get the "No WPMU 
> found on this host" message when an upgrade fails.
> So basically, that message appears when it finds an install, but can't 
> find some aspect of the main blog in the database.
> That help any? :D
> Andrea
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