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Wed Aug 5 06:57:49 UTC 2009

In message 
<fded39850908041935y20450d7fq1cf5c3ea8a61a92f at mail.gmail.com>, Lorelle 
VanFossen <lorellevan at gmail.com> writes
>I took a long hard look at the Switching to PHP 5 article and I have some
>concerns and advice. I'm making my points public so they will help others
>following this mailing list and help us improve the documentation of

Sure I can look at this again.

I agree with the additional questions that need to be answered by the 
page, so will add them in.

The reason why the page gives some background is to serve to address the 
"why bother?" question.  I think it's wise to leave it there.  Most 
people probably get the why but I suspect there are some that don't.

The web hosting switch list is to address the "how?" question.

Both of these were considered points that should be on the page in the 
dev chat, particularly so the "how do I?" list.  I think that to not 
even attempt to guide people in how to make the switch would lose some 
of the strength of the page.

I take your point though that the pages need to be timeless - however, 
the switch to PHP5 will eventually happen to all, so in a way this page 
is less important in that regard than others, which might have a longer 
life span.  I did make the point in the dev chat that I could only add 
web switch information for a couple of hosts, and it was agreed that 
this would be something of an organic beast.

So yes, I'll redraft this out with your specific points in mind and see 
if we can come up with something more meaty.

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