[spam-stopper] Best spam in moderation queue

Donncha O Caoimh donncha at linux.ie
Fri Oct 21 16:16:45 UTC 2005

This morning was the first time I think that my wordpress.com blog was 
hit with the same spams Andy received. 5 of them went into the 
moderation queue though, but I marked them as spam and they went into 
the spam tab - is that enough to send them to Akismet?

I added his IP to the blacklist and the last 2 were marked as Spam. I 
thought that blacklisting stopped the spam dead, without it going into 
moderation? Marking it as spam is good enough for me however :)


Andy Skelton wrote:
> Akismet is doing great things for me on my various WordPress blogs.
> One side-effect that I find especially pleasing is that new spam
> (stuff that Akismet doesn't yet recognize as spam) goes to my
> moderation queue. If spam is in moderation, it's usually because it is
> original or clever enough to have escaped Akismet's keen eye.
> This morning I awoke to find a load of spam in the Manage > Spam tab
> and two comments in moderation. One was ham and the other, well, I've
> copied the text below and submitted it to Akismet as spam. The links
> have been removed but they're pretty obvious. What's the best spam
> that found its way to your moderation queue?
> Name: genadi forper | E-mail: dor at yahoo.com | URI:
> http://air-travel.redi.tk | IP:

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