[spam-stopper] Best spam in moderation queue

rich boakes rich at boakes.org
Fri Oct 21 16:15:25 UTC 2005

Andy Skelton wrote:

> This morning I awoke to find a load of spam in the Manage > Spam tab
> and two comments in moderation. One was ham and the other, well, I've
> copied the text below and submitted it to Akismet as spam. 

I do a lot of reviewing of academic papers
before they're published in journals and
conferences.  One of the things we have to
diligently check for is plagiarism.  I found
myself checking the source of the spam text and
it's wordpress.com blog.


If other excerpts turn up, and if visitor IP
addresses are logged, it shouldn't be too hard
to cross reference the data and pinpoint the


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