[spam-stopper] The big update :)

rich boakes rich at boakes.org
Thu Oct 20 15:44:30 UTC 2005

Derek Scruggs wrote:
> Cool! I just installed it and it seems to be working okay. 
> Also, I just tried deleting all 579 spams in the queue and, though it didn't
> display an error, it redirected me to the "enter API key" form and didn't
> actually delete the spams.

Ditto here. I've been manually stripping out the
spam so I'm only trying to delete 9 messages.

When I hit "Delete All" on the spam page I'm
taken to the "Akismet Configuration" page, and
nothing is removed from the DB.

My key looks fine and I've re-copied it and done
everything twice, just to be sure.

wp user: semantic


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