[spam-stopper] The big update :)

Derek Scruggs derek at escalan.com
Thu Oct 20 14:17:52 UTC 2005

Cool! I just installed it and it seems to be working okay. 

However, I tried to mark one spam as "not spam" and received an error about
my api key: 

Your key appears invalid. Double-check it. 

...which I did and it seemed to accept the key fine. Nevertheless, I got
this error every time and the spam status was never changed. 

Also, I just tried deleting all 579 spams in the queue and, though it didn't
display an error, it redirected me to the "enter API key" form and didn't
actually delete the spams.

My wordpress.com username is drumdance, if that's any help in debugging.


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> Subject: [spam-stopper] The big update :)
> Available for download:
> http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/akismet.zip
> (Don't publicize that URL just yet. I'd like to get some 
> documentation 
> up first.)
> Some major updates:
> * Now called Automattic Kismet, or Akismet for short
> * New servers blah blah
> * Requires WP.com API key
> * Allows you to review caught spam, and submit false positives
> * Deletes spam after 15 days (should clean out those DBs!)
> * Is clearer that it submits it to a web service (Podz)
> * It may need a day or so to get back to its former effectiveness (or 
> lack thereof)
> * Shows some stats on your dashboard
> Thanks to everyone for your feedback, and Michael for the code. :)
> The only thing that didn't make this version is what Eric suggested, 
> where if the service is unreachable or down it'll save the 
> comment and 
> try it again when a new comment comes in.
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