[HyperDB] hyperdb + WPMU

Wesam Al-Yazjeen wesamcis at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 08:42:05 GMT 2008

i need install hyperdb plugin with word press mu 1.5.1 and i need to
configure hyperdb plugin to work with 10 partitioned database and 1 global

and am add this in db-settings.php file

add_db_server('partitioned', 0, '', 1, 1, 'IP-Adress', 'IP-Adress', 'DB1',
'uname', 'upass!');
add_db_server('partitioned', 0, '', 1, 1, 'IP-Adress', 'IP-Adress', 'DB2',
'uname', 'upass!');
add_db_server('global'       , 0, '', 1, 1, 'IP-Adress', 'IP-Adress', 'DB3',
'uname', 'upass!');

and try to create new blogs, more than 10 blogs. but all blugs created in
global databse (DB3).

i need to partition blogs into 2 databses DB1 and DB2 and use DB3 for
general  tables

how i can do that, any one can help me and let me what's wrong.

Wesam Al-Yazjeen...

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