[HyperDB] documentation?

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Thu Feb 7 00:28:27 GMT 2008

Dan Milward wrote:
> ...Then we will probably hit the limit of files at around 350 users.

32,000 / 3 files per table = 10666 tables / 350 blogs = 30 tables per 
blog? That seems high, even with plugins.

Also as far as I know the 32k file limit is only with 2.4 kernels, not 
2.6 ones.

> So what I want to know is whether or not MySQL does something smart to 
> work around this - and if not does a separate machine running HyperDB 
> sound like a good idea.

With InnoDB all tables are put in a single file.

But really you should use a kernel made within the past few years.

> And does HyperDB work well with Super Cache 2 :))

I don't see how they're related.

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