[HyperDB] documentation?

Dan Milward dan at instinct.co.nz
Wed Feb 6 23:21:01 GMT 2008

We are using the ext3 file system which apparently supports around 
32,000 files in one directory.

As we are using WordPress MU which creates multiple tables per user 
(more then normal as we are using several plugins). Because each of 
those tables is actually several files in the MySQL directory we have 
calculated that unless MySQL does something smart like nesting of 
directories to work around the problem...

...Then we will probably hit the limit of files at around 350 users. At 
which point we will not be able to create files in that directory which 
means no more users will be able to sign up with other possible nasty 
side effects for whatever user puts it over the limit - for instance 
that user might only get half tables created necessary for their 
wordpress blog to run.

So what I want to know is whether or not MySQL does something smart to 
work around this - and if not does a separate machine running HyperDB 
sound like a good idea.

And does HyperDB work well with Super Cache 2 :))


King of punk wrote:
> Hello
> I am also putting myself on that big MU adventures, but how come that 
> your server "freak out" with only 350 users ???
> Kingofpunk
> Dan Milward wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> We're mucking around with an MU powered site that we expect to get 
>> pretty big quite fast - we made the mistake of using an ext3 file 
>> system. So what this means is that when we hit around the 350 users 
>> mark our server will freak out due to ext3 limitations.
>> So this seems to me like a good opportunity to use get a new server 
>> for just the databases and use Hyper DB on a new XFS filesystem.
>> One thing I want to do though is use Super Cache 2. Does this sound 
>> like a good idea - can anybody see any reason why it wouldn't work.
>> Ciao,
>> Dan
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