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#462: Make GlotPress a plugin?
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Comment (by markoheijnen):

 I strongly am against having it as a plugin. This due the fact that
 BackPress is an issue but not one GlotPress needs to care much about. In
 general it's underlying code. Moving it to a plugin doesn't fix much since
 most issues are related to GlotPress as a project. Only a hand full would
 be fixed but it's problems like the easy but stupid integration to
 WordPress login system.

 The reason I would like GlotPress to be a single app is the fact that it
 is that. Fixing things like easier installation, user management,
 authentication etc. are easy to do then too. Maybe easier then building a
 plugin because GlotPress has full control. There is no need for now to
 care about backwards compatibility. Also as a plugin a lot of things don't
 make sense like most of the admin panel. It's not like bbPress or
 BuddyPress due to the fact that does things can live next to your normal
 site. GlotPress will not.

 Feedback to GregRoss list and a bit more
 - I wouldn't say that WordPress is mature for a framework if you look at
 database handling
 - Automattic updates are fun but not a pro/con for GlotPress
 - One click install doesn't matter much and also incorrect for WordPress
 - GlotPress has i18n except it doesn't use it by default. Empty textdomain
 is fine.
 - Future proof would be a 0 for having it as a WordPress plugin.
 - Current GlotPress can be installed but not under all systems. Having it
 forked or other framework would be a 1 for me.
 - User management can be build in and be build for GlotPress. WordPress
 would be a 0 for me due to so many different roles etc.
 - GlotPress has user roles but really limited. It does has permissions
 which work kind of the same as WordPress.
 - Integration with WordPress should not be in the list. It should be more
 in having a custom permission layer. Also the values should be: 0 0 1 0.
 - The SEO thing can easily be fixed in GlotPress but isn't really that
 important for GlotPress in comparison to your site in WordPress.

 Last but not least, GlotPress currently is also really accessible to
 contribute back. It's better then WordPress since even if the patch is out
 of scope, I will still look at it.

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