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#342: Cleanup to locales.php
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Comment (by vanillalounge):

 > Interesting. One of the theoretical benefits of CLDR is that it's
 relatively standardized on typical usage. So there still might be
 difference of opinion, but for the most part that's up to Unicode to sort
 out. Do you buy that argument?

 I'm not sure I do, and it would probably take a whole, more conceptual,
 post detailing why. But, in a nutshell, polyglots and their communities
 are fiercely protective of their heritage (no matter which interpretation
 you want to give it), and having stuff like language codes loaded with
 meaning (see nl_BE), or language names determined "from above" might not
 be ideal. WordPress translating is generally, and in not a few cases, an
 affirmation of identity; there is no animosity towards others (this is WP,
 after all), but a clear drive to carve out a specific spot. Think about
 Basque, Mirandese, Catalán, Gallego (spoken in some cases by tiny
 populations), and with that I've not even left the Iberian Peninsula yet.

 I'd put the question to the polyglots, who in turn will debate internally.
 Most will come to a quick consensus, others maybe not so quickly. Be it as
 it may, that consensus could differ from CLDR guidelines. There are simply
 too many cases, with too many variables, and generalisations are
 dangerous, especially when they are decided on a (for them) obscure trac

 It's my personal opinion that this a much wider and delicate debate, one
 which transcends a (comparatively) simple task of engineering data

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