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#6827: Add BP top level menu and Admin Page to Improve User Experience
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 * keywords:  has-screenshots has-patch => has-screenshots has-patch dev-


 I tend to agree with @mercime @modemlooper to make it top level.
 My reasons:
 1. BuddyPress is a huge part WP installation, it's not yet another related
 posts plugin for which it's ridiculous to have a top level menu item. Same
 as WooCommerce - it's an essential part of the site. Same (if not more)
 value as Pages or Media top level admin area pages.
 2. It will greatly improve settings visibility, which is great for new-
 comers. On my Russian BuddyPress site I did get questions - where to edit
 settings. Part of the reason - lots of installed plugins, most of which
 are integrating there options under Settings menu, so it becomes over-
 3. Making it top level will give more flexibility for other plugins to add
 own pages under it (same as for WC), and for our own smaller functionality
 (see #2227 as an example).

 We can't move Activity/Groups under BuddyPress - because they are
 important, often used by admins, and some 3rd-party plugins are already
 adding own subpages for them (I did that personally for some of my own
 plugins). Moving them under BuddyPress top level will break others, or we
 will need to write a big workaround to make them as tabs on Groups - which
 is not a good idea in terms of maintainability and good sense.

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